Transfer of accompanied car

Extract from transport conditions

Transport of cars in the passenger trains is performed in the international passenger service.

Throughout the year, the cars are transported on the following routes: Topčider – Bar – Topčider.

The cars that are accepted for the transport are cars with or without trailers.

Trailers without cars are not accepted for transport.

Car must be properly operating and registered or must have the temporary licence plates and must not have more than 8 seats without driver’s seat counted.

Car must to be accompanied by at least one adult. The person accompanying the car must have the valid train ticket and must travel in the train by which the car is transported.

The condition for the acceptance of the transport depends on the height (max 1,55m), width (max 1.80m) of the car or trailer. Car must not be protected with cover.

Placing of luggage on the roof or beside the car is not allowed.

Luggage, under the personal responsibility of the passenger, may stay in the car during the transport but JSC Srbija Voz, JSC is not responsible for it.

Carriage charge collection

Amount of the carriage charge depends on the route and period the transport of cars is performed.

Car transport fare is applied for the transport of trailers in the service between Serbia and Montenegro.

The request for reservation can be submitted at least 2 months before the intended transport.

The passenger must bring his car for the loading in the specified place at the departure station (loading place) at specified time before the departure of the train according to the timetable (informed during the purchase of ticket).

Right after the train arrival at destination station, the car driver must contact the railway employee at the unloading place in order to take over the car.

The amount of the paid fare for unused ticket for accompanied car is returned at the ticket office under the following conditions:

– in the full amount if the ticket was not used due to the fault of railway company JSC Srbija Voz,

– with deduction of 10% if the ticket is returned at least 24 hours before the train departure,

– with deduction of 50% if the ticket was returned later.