Disabled persons

Transport of blind persons and their companions

For the transport of blind persons in the trains of JSC Srbija Voz is charged the regular transport fare and the travel companion of the blind person (a person or a dog) is transported free of charge on railway administration networks participants in the agreement for the transport of travel companions free of charge. The return railway ticket is issued for the blind person and his/her travel companion.

The stations equipped with tactile paving for the orientation of blind persons are Subotica, Čačak and Kraljevo.

The stations equipped with orientation panels are Novi Sad, Subotica and Čačak.

Transport of persons in wheel chairs

The establishments in which the acceptance and forwarding of passengers with disabilities in wheel chairs is performed are Belgrade Center, Novi Sad, Vrbas and Subotica.

The passenger, the person in wheel chair will occupy in advance the reserved seat in the coach technically equipped for thier transport.

*loading/unloading of the disabled persons in the wheel chairs is provided in the stations Novi Sad and Subotica.

To the disabled persons in wheel chairs, within the transport service, are provided the following:

– special mobile elevators which are used for the lifting of the persons in wheel chairs for the loading in the coach, i.e. unloading from the coach.