Plavi voz

The train “Plavi voz“ is the museum-tourist train which before the former President of SFRY, Josip Broz Tito, passed away, was used exclusively for his travels  and the travels of the highest elected officers and political figures and foreign statesmen in the country and abroad.

The train was manufactured in 1959, at the wagon factories “Goša“ in Smederevska Palanka and  “Boris Kidrič“ in Maribor.

The name of the train was given by the factory workers because it was painted in blue to be distinguished of the other trains, the Yugoslav Railways train compositions generally painted in green colour. The train composition was consisted of ten coaches in so called “Main train” and eight coaches in so called “First train”.

“Main train” constituted an unit providing the complete comfort  and possibility for activities and protocols during the travel and it was consisted of: President Lounge, dinning room, main kitchen, lounge for guests, dining-car, closed wagon for transport of automobiles, sleeping coach and energy distribution wagon.

The interior of the train is very luxurious, made of the finest mahogany, of pear and walnut wood, equipped with the wool carpets, plush and silk in art-deco style. The President Tito gave the hospitality to more than 60 statesmen and crossed more than 600.000 km in the country and abroad.

Today, after more than a half of century, the features of the train remained unchanged and all coaches gives the maximum feeling of exclusivity and luxury.

“Plavi Voz” is used in commercial purposes from 2005.

The complete train or only some coaches can be rented for the selected section and composition for maximum 100 passengers.

The train can also be rented for the filming, photo sessions, expositions, meetings, conferences, workshops, celebration events and similar or it can be visited and looked around.

Photo session offer is charged RSD 3,000 per hour and the rent price depends on the train composition, number of passengers and destination.

The ticket price for the tour is RSD 300.00 per person for individual visits and RSD 150.00 per person for group visits (minimum 10 persons) and the children, school children  and students visits.

It is necessary to announce the individual and group visits minimum 48 hours before to e-mail address: or on the telephone number: +381 11 3616 811.

Working hours of the garage for visits, located in Bulevar Patrijarha Pavla 8а, is from 8 AM to 2 PM, on workdays.