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The carriage of bicycles in JSC Srbija Voz trains in domestic service is allowed in electric multiple units (EMUs series 413/417 – Stadler) and diesel multiple units (DMUs series 711).

DMUs and EMUs in which the carriage of bicycles is allowed, is marked in time-table by the pictogram:

The carriage of bicycles is allowed according to the following conditions:

In DMUs 711:

- the bicycles are allowed to be loaded in multiple units through the door marked by the indication for bicycles;

- number of bicycle stands mounted in the multiple units is limited by holders (2 pcs) and they are situated in the area with foldable seats;

- the bicycles must be put on holders and they must not be left in the area in front of holders for wheelchairs as well as in front of the toilets.

In EMUs 413/417:

- the bicycles are allowed to be loaded in multiple units through the door marked by the indication for bicycles;

- the area foreseen for disposal of bicycles is situated near the entrance and toilet, beside the foldable seats. The bicycles must be put beside the foldable seats parallel to the side line and their attachment is not foreseen (there are no holders)

- the passenger who loaded the bicycle on board should be nearby in order to react in case of falling of the bicycle or its moving in another position in case of entry of the persons with disabilities on board and placing of the wheelchairs;

- the personnel on board – the train inspectors on board decide of the number of bicycles loaded for the carriage in the multi-purpose area and take in consideration the presence of the persons with disabilties in wheelchairs as well the massive luggage, buggies (for small children) and similar. If the area is not occupied, the maximum 3 bicycles can be accepted for carriage.

- if the train capacity is maximally used on certain sections, the bicycles are not allowed to be loaded for carriage.

In other circumstances, the carriage of bicycles is possibile in all trains of JSC Srbija Voz if the bicycles are folded and packed adequately in order to be put as the personal luggage in the same compartment in which the passenger is accommodated.

JSC Srbija Voz does not bear the responsibility for any eventual damage or theft of bicycles carried by JSC Srbija Voz.