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Advance sale and ticket validity period

International train ticket can be purchased at ticket offices at railway stations and in travel agencies at the earliest two months before the first day of validity. Validity periods for international train tickets issued at the ticket offices of “Srbija Voz”, JSC depend on type of offer according to the following:

 -  in small border traffic between Serbia and Hungary the train tickets in one direction are valid for 1 day, and return tickets for 3 days;

 -  in cross border traffic between Serbia and Romania (Vršac - Stamora Moravita) the train tickets in one direction are valid for 1 day, and return tickets for 3 days;

 -  in cross border traffic Srbije between Serbia and Croatia (Bogojevo - Erdut)a train ticket in one direction as well as return ticket  is valid for 1 day;

 -  train tickets from the offer InterRail have a different validity periods depending on the type of offer chosen by the passenger;

 -  train tickets the offer CITY STAR for journeys to Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Slovenia from the offer Sparpreise Deutschland for journeys to Germany have validity period of 1 month;

 -  train ticket for journeys to Monte Negro have validity period of 1 day;

 -  train tickets: SparShine AUSTRIJA – single route tickets in one direction from Belgrade to Vienna by train No. 344 and vice versa by train No.345 according to the special prices (train ticket and seat reservation). There are three levels of prices with limited number of seats for each level; and SparShine Croatia– offer for single journey in one direction from Belgrade to Zagreb and vice versa according to the special prices (train tickets and reservation of seat of berth). Train tickets according to this offer are valid only for date and train for which they are issued;


 -  regular train tickets for one direction or return tickets have a validity period for 1 month;

The validity period of the ticket can be extended in case when passenger can not finish the started journey due to the fault of the company "Srbija Voz" JSC or justified reasons. In that case, validity period can be extended for as long as many days are necessary to finish the started journey.

For train tickets issued according to the global price (for specific date and train) validity period cannot be extended.

Journey interruption

Interruption of journey is allowed within the ticket validity period, with exception of small border traffic tickets. By interruption of journey, ticket validity period is not extended. Journey can be continued only from station where interruption was made or from some other station located on the still unused part of the train ticket relation.

Reimbursement of ticket

Reimbursement of charge for completely or partially unused international tickets is made by Revenue Control Department Belgrade, Nemanjina 6 St. (2nd floor, room 495). To the request in writing, a passenger should enclose the original ticket verified by train inspector or railway station employee in charge and all other tickets proving the grounds and level of claims.

As an exception, the ticket can be reimbursed at any ticket sales office which is part of e-ticketing system if the ticket that is to be returned, issued electronically. The condition is that the passenger returns the completely unused ticket within the same month when the ticket is bought.

From the amount refundable to the passenger, for the costs of railway company „Srbija Voz” JSC, 10 % are deducted. If the train ticket is returned due to the fault of railway company “Srbija Voz” JSC or is returned at the same day at the same ticket office where it was bought, the amount of 10% is not deducted.

Seat reservation

In reservation procedure, passenger can ask for reservation of seats, berths in couchettes and beds in sleeping coaches. Reservation of seats may be requested at the moment when the ticket is bought or may be done subsequently in case when the ticket has been bought in advance provided that passenger shows its ticket.

Reservation in advance sale can be bought not more than 2 months prior to the journey and only for trains for which the reservation of seats is foreseen.

Requests of reservation of seats for individual passengers and groups are addressed to the central reservation bureau in Belgrade.

Seats can be booked for journeys from the departure or intermediate station. Reservation of seats for return journey can be made at the ticket sales office (at the station or travel agency) issuing the return ticket.

Serbian Railways joined the European reservation system EPA, which allows the reservation of places (seats, berths in couchettes and beds in sleeping coaches) for all trains included in this system which run over the European railway network.

At the departure station, the free seats in coaches, the passengers without reservations can take only with previous consent of train conductor.

The groups can travel only in case when the seat booking is made for the intended journey.

If the seat which is reserved is not taken at least 15 minutes before train departure from the station (from which the reservation is valid), passenger looses the right for the booked seat (the reservation is not valid anymore). The amount for seat-reservation fee is not refundable, except in case of guilt of railway company Srbija Voz JSC.

The amount of paid fare for unused reservation of berth or bed is refundable at passenger ticket office under the following conditions:

-  in full amount if berth/bed could not be used due to the fault of railway company,

-  with deduction of 10% if the reservation for berth/bed is cancelled at least 24 hours before train departure,

-  with deduction of 50% if the reservation for berth/bed is cancelled in short period and not later than the departure of train.

After the departure of train refunding for unused reservation is not performed.

Seat booking via Call Center

Dialing the phone number: ++381 11 360 28 99 the seat can be booked for all trains in domestic and international traffic which departure from stations on “Srbija Voz”, JSC network. The reserved seat is booked for 24 hours. If in that term passenger does not take his/her reservation, the seats are put in free sale.

Transport of luggage

Luggage can be transported only with the passenger in the same compartment and in the quantity that can be placed above and under the passenger’s seat.

Passenger can have maximum 3 pieces of easy portable luggage adequate for the room foreseen for luggage deposit. The maximum dimensions of each luggage peace must be smaller than 85 cm. By special transport and tariff conditions is determined if more than one piece of luggage can be brought, luggage of bigger dimensions and bulky objects (ski, sail board, bicycles). In that case, the bulky pieces must be packed adequately, dismantled or assembled. Passenger must inform himself in advance at the carrier about the special conditions of the luggage take over.  The objects that incommode the other passengers are not accepted for transport.

Transport of dogs and small pets

In international traffic on “Srbija Voz”, JSC routes dogs can be transported in sleeping coaches and couchettes and in such cases the passenger has to have the cabin for exclusive usage/single cabin. Transport of dogs is allowed provided that the dogs seat on lap or on the floor, with leash and muzzle in order not to endanger the others.

Except this, the transport of small animals is allowed only if they are kept in cages, baskets or any other adequate packages excluding the possibility of injury or making dirty the coach or hand luggage. This package must be kept on lap or put as hand luggage. These animals are transported free of charge

Dogs and other small domestic animals can be transported alone provided the animals do not affect the other passengers with their smell and noise and if any passenger in compartment or coach is not against it. A transport document is issued for transport of dogs. A half of the regular price for 2nd class for single journey is charged, or for outward and return journey. To this price no special supplement is charged.

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