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Transport of blind persons and their travel companions

The stations equipped with tactile paving and panes for the orientation of blind persons are Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Subotica, Kraljevo and Cacak.

The blind person and his/her travel companion (person or a dog) must travel together (in the same class of passenger car). The blind person must have a proof of identity  (and appropriate document) with the number entered on the train ticket of the travel companion (person or a dog) and to be capable to prove his/her identity. The holder of a train ticket with a remark "Companion of blind person", who travel alone, shall be considered a passenger without the valid train ticket.

The blind person and person with muscular distrophy or related muscular and neuromuscular illness (plegia, cerebrovascular paralysis, paralysis in children and multiple sclerosis) benefit the discount of 75% of the regular ticket fare and according to the card entitling holder to obtaiin the tickets at reduced fare for the disabled person issued by the competent society of disabled persons in Serbia.

The travel companion of blind or disabled person travels free of charge according to the notice which is the integral part of the card declaration entitling holder to obtaiin the tickets at reduced fare for blind persons ie. Disabled person.

Carriage of persons in wheelchairs

The establishments for the accept and transport of the passengers with disability in wheelchairs are: Belgrade, Novi Sad, Vrbas and Subotica.

The carriage of persons in wheelchairs is organized on territory of JSC Srbija Voz and on board, if there are free seats and if the trains operate in the composition of:

1. DMU 711, on sections:

• Beograd Dunav - Vrsac

• Nis - Dimitrovgrad

• Nis - Presevo

• Nis - Kursumlija

• Kraljevo - Lapovo - (Markovac)

• Кraljevo - Zvecan;

2. EMU413, on sections:

• Belgrade – Novi Sad

• Belgrade - Subotica

• Belgrade - Nis

• Belgrade - Sid

• Belgrade – Prijepolje Teretna.

The number of seats for the carriage of persons in wheelchairs in DMU 711 and EMU 413 is restricted.

Passenger, person in wheelchair take the seat in advance in the passenger car technically equipped for their carriage.

To the persons in wheelchairs within this transport service, the following is provided:

 -  parking place for the private automobile for the transport of the person with disabilities in wheelchairs;

 -  access without stairs – special lifts for getting on board or getting off board.