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Advance sale and ticket validity period

Train tickets for single journey are valid for 1 day.

Return tickets (return journey), for distance up to 100 km are valid for 1 day. For distances longer than 101 km and more they are valid for one month, provided that for a single journey (either departure or return) the ticket is valid for 1 day. The validity period for departure commences on the day stipulated on the ticket, as a first day of validity period, and for a return, it commences on the day of the return journey commencement, counting from the date written on the train ticket by a train conductor during the first ticket check.

Journey interruption

With a ticket for single journey only, interruption is allowed once but with return ticket it is allowed once during the outward and once during the return journey, but in both cases it is mandatory for the tickets to be verified at the station of interruption of the journey, immediately after leaving the train. Where the train ticket has not been verified when interrupting the journey, the ticket shall not be valid for the resumption of the journey from the station where the journey has been interrupted.

The interruption of the journey does not imply the prolongation of the ticket validity period.

For train tickets, issued at global prices, brake of journey is not allowed.

Reimbursement of unused tickets

Request for reimbursement of unused tickets should be submitted to railway station ticket sales offices in the following cases:

a) for completely unused tickets not later than the first day of the ticket validity period to the office of the departure station,

b) in case of return ticket for unused return journey not later than the last day of the ticket validity period, to the office at the station of departure in return     journey,

c) for partially unused tickets, when the passenger cancels the further journey, the request should be submitted to the ticket sales office at the station where the     journey is interrupted, immediately after leaving the train,

d) for using class 2 with ticket for class 1, due to lack of free seats in class 1, the request should be submitted to the ticket sales office at the destination station immediately after leaving the train,

e) for the use of the train of lower tariff class with the train ticket for the train of higher tariff class, the request is submitted to the booking office at the
    destination station.

Before the submission of the request for charge refund, it is necessary to: - for cases b) and c) submit the ticket for verification to the responsible employee at the departure station in return, i.e. at the station where the journey is interrupted; - for cases d) in addition to the ticket, one should submit the corresponding certificate issued by the conductor on board.

From the amount refundable to the passenger, for the costs of the railway company, 10% is deducted.

If the train ticket is returned due to the fault of the railway company or is returned at the same day at the same ticket office where it was bought, the amount of 10% is not deducted.

If the ticket sales office at the station is closed at the time of train arrival, the request is to be submitted not later than the following working day of the station. In other cases, for ticket reimbursement it is necessary to submit a written request to the competent Srbija Voz JSC Revenue Control Department. . Ticket reimbursement is done based on the original ticket containing verification showing that it has not been used. A passenger may also enclose other evidence showing that he/she has not used the ticket.

Seat reservation

In reservation procedure, passenger can ask for reservation of seat, berths in couchettes and beds in sleeping coaches. Reservation of seats may be requested on the day when the ticket is bought or may be done subsequently in cases when the ticket has been bought in advance provided that passenger shows his/her ticket.

A passenger should take the reserved place not later than 15 minutes after the departure of the train from the station from which the place had been reserved; otherwise the booking shall be considered invalid.

The amount for seat-reservation fee is refundable only in case when the reservation is not used by the fault of the railway company.

In the stations equipped with electronic system for ticket issue, the passenger canceling the journey can return the seat reservation. If the request is submitted one day before the journey, the paid amount is refundable with deduction of 10% and when the request is submitted on the day of journey (not later than three hours before train’s departure) the paid amount is refundable with deduction of 50%.

Seat booking via Call Center

Dialing the phone number: ++381 11 360 28 99 the seat can be booked for all trains in domestic and international service which departure from stations on Srbija Voz JSC network. The reserved seat is booked for 24 hours. If in that term passenger does not take his/her reservation, the seats are put in free sale.

Transport of hand luggage

A passenger has the right to transport in the passenger coaches, free of charge, as hand luggage the objects   that can be easily placed above and under the taken seat. Objects that need more space than the above cited are deemed the exceed hand baggage and for its transport the passenger pays the foreseen amount.

Transport of pets

If not opposite to special rules, it is allowed to bring in the passenger coaches:

• Little pets (closed in cages, baskets or other appropriate package), if they can be placed as hand luggage,

• Little dogs that do not bother the passengers and that can be held in the lap

• Bigger dogs lead by army, police and blind persons can be transported in passenger coaches of 2nd class.

• A dog can be brought into compartment only with the consent of all passengers in the compartment.

• Notwithstanding the size, dogs must have nose muzzle, and larger dogs must be held on a short leash.

• For dogs transported in passenger train (except for little dogs held in lap) a half of the regular transport charge for class II passenger train is to be paid, and if transported in sleeping coaches or couchettes, the passenger has to have the cabin for exclusive usage/single cabin.