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"Blue train" is museum tourist train which was used, until departure of Josip Broz Tito, exclusively for the carriage of the president of SFRJ and high ranking government and political figures on their journeys in the country and abroad. The train was constructed in 1959 in the wagon factory "Goša"in Smederevska Palanka and wagon factory  "Boris Kidrič" in Maribor, local workers determined its name - Blue train because it was painted in blue, blue color was chosen in order to distinguish among other compositions of Serbian Railways in that time which were mostly  green. It was composed of ten wagons of so called  "Main train" and eight wagons of the so called "The firs train".

"Main train" represented a complex that provided a complete comfort and possibility to work and performance the all protocol obligations during the journey and it consisted of: president's lounge, ceremonial dining room, main kitchen, guest lounge, wagon restaurant, closed car carrier wagons, sleeping cars and energy distribution- cars. The interior of the train is luxurious and made mostly in mahogany and inlays were used for decoration of lounges and corridors. The interior in the style of Art Deco was complemented with high quality materials (wool carpets, velvet and silk). Given that the train had all necessary equipment for one luxurious and comfort table journey, it rightly was famous as parlor train. After more than half a century its appearance remained unchanged and all wagons offer a great sense of exclusivity and luxury. The president Tito hosted over world statesmen in blue train and it traveled more than 600.000 km in the country and abroad.

Since 2005 "Blue train" was launched in commercial purposes for domestic and foreign tourists and it can be rented for a desired route and in desired composition, which is mainly used by domestic and foreign companies. The maximum capacity of the train is 110 passengers. The train is equipped with air conditioning system, steam heating and with high quality and reliable sounding system.

Additional services:

A complete train or only one single wagon can be rented. The train is suitable for recording films, TV series, TV dramas, music videos commercials etc. Taking into account a technical equipment of train it is also suitable for meetings  seminars, workshops, conferences, various manifestations, exhibitions, marketing campaigns, promotions, fashion shows, presentations, video projections as well as for festive events as weddings, anniversaries etc. During journey the guest are offered with specialties according to the recipes from the original "Tito's cookbook".